Webinar – Valuing the Voices of Patients and Families in Family Research

2021 Webinar Series

Valuing the Voices of Patients and Families Across the Life-course in Family Research: Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE)

Monday 4 October 2021, 13.00–14.00 (GMT+1)

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Target Audience:

Everyone interested in Public and Patient Involvement and Engagement in Research

Webinar objectives:

  1. To understand the concept of PPIE
  2. To recognise the importance of integrating PPIE in research
  3. To appraise the influence of PPIE on research delivery

Together with PPI contributors, the webinar is presented by:

Meet our PPIE contributors

Professor Veronica Swallow

Professor of Child and Family Nursing and Healthcare, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Veronica is Professor of Child & Family Nursing & Healthcare at Sheffield Hallam University. She leads a Programme of research focussing on co-development and evaluation of self-management interventions, in particular digital resources, with for children, young people, and adults living with long-term conditions, and/or their parents and carers. She is a long-standing advocate for PPIE in healthcare research across the life-course.

Professor Veronica Lambert

Professor of Children and Family Nursing at Dublin City University, Ireland

Veronica is Professor of Children and Family Nursing and lead for the Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) Ignite Network at Dublin City University. Her research predominately focuses on understanding children and family experiences particularly in the context of children and family healthcare communication, children and family shared self-management of chronic/long-term conditions, psychosocial wellbeing and impact of illness on children and the family.

About the webinar series

The IFNA UK-Ireland chapter webinars focus on developing, promoting, and sustaining a discourse around approaches to family nursing education, practice, and research within the healthcare settings. The webinars free of charge to attend and are open to everyone interested in family-focused care skills and training in the healthcare settings, providing a platform for individuals to connect and share experiences.