Webinar – Children and Young People’s Mental Health Services

Webinar recording now available here. Passcode: =0S#QuX+

We invite you to attend our second IFNA – UK and Ireland Chapter webinar, on ‘Children and Young People’s Mental Health Services in the UK: Past, Present and Future’.

The webinar will take place on Tuesday 10 August 2021, from 1pm until 2pm, on Zoom. Click here to register!

Presented by Professor Steven Pryjmachuk and Dr Jim Turner, the webinar will focus on:

  • different approaches to the delivery of mental health and wellbeing services for children and young people
  • current nurse-led research on children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing
  • the implications for practice of this research

This is the second in our 2021 webinar series hosted by the Chapter focused on developing, promoting, and sustaining a discourse around approaches to family nursing education, practice, and research within the healthcare settings. The webinars are open to everyone interested in family-focused care skills and training in the healthcare settings.

We look forward to welcoming you to our next webinar!