Is there a better way to support people with long term conditions? Ruth Wyllie National Trainer and Facilitator NHS Year of Care

With a career spanning over three decades within the NHS, Ruth qualified as a Registered General Nurse and Registered Sick Children’s Nurse in 1987, complemented later as BSc Hons Paediatric Nurse Practitioner.  She has a wealth of experience in various senior National Health Service (NHS) roles and is passionate about education and communicating effectively with people who live with chronic conditions.

The Year of Care Partnerships® team (NHS Year of Care)  is an NHS based organisation dedicated to the implementation of personalised approaches to care developing and implementing a range of patient focused approaches. These include the design of patient education programmes, personalised care and support planning and shared decision-making.

People with long term conditions (LTCs) make daily decisions and carry out activities which affect their health and quality of life. They often only have a brief encounter with healthcare professionals.

Personalised Care and support planning (PCSP) is a systematic process to ensure that people living with one or more LTCs have better, solution orientated conversations with health / social care practitioners focused on what matters to them.

These conversations identify what is important to the person, discuss and explore issues, develop priorities, goals and actions to support them to live well with their condition/s.

PCSP brings together physical, mental and social health / care issues in a single care and support planning process, regardless of how many conditions or issues the person may live with. This includes linking traditional clinical care with support for self-management, signposting the person to activities within a supportive community and coordinating across health and social care

This approach enables conversations between people living with LTCs and practitioners to focus on both the patient and professional agenda, with the person setting their own goals and arriving at their own solutions with the support of the health care professional.

There are webinars which share Year of Care Team Partnership approaches to help professionals to have more meaningful conversations with patients. This can only serve to improve patient and family care.

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