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Why join the IFNA – UK and Ireland Chapter?

Nurses, midwives and health visitors/public health nurses play a vital role in family nursing in the UK and Ireland. They work with and support patients, caregivers and their family members across the life course. The IFNA – UK and Ireland Chapter is a newly formed membership group that aims to support and empower nurses, midwives and health visitors in their work with families.

Membership of the IFNA – UK and Ireland Chapter is currently FREE.

It is open to any practising or retired registered nurse, midwife or health visitor/public health nurse working in the UK or Ireland. Membership is also open to academics and researchers working in fields related to family nursing. We also welcome patients, caregivers and other family members interested in family nursing to join. The Chapter is a mark of our collective commitment to family nursing and also brings professional benefits for academic and clinical members. We are the only professional network for those interested in family nursing in the UK and Ireland. We warmly invite you to join the Chapter and to become part of this new, exciting and evolving body of likeminded nurses, midwives, health visitors/public health nurses and people passionate about family nursing.

After you sign up below, you will receive a welcome email, to confirm that you have joined the IFNA – UK and Ireland Chapter as a member. Here, you will be able to download your membership badge to add to your email signature and/or website, to help raise the profile of family nursing in the UK and Ireland. Thereafter, you will receive updates from the Chapter by email, which will hopefully increase in frequency as the IFNA – UK and Ireland Chapter grows and evolves.

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What are the membership benefits?

Here are some of the membership benefits from joining the IFNA UK and Ireland Chapter:

  • Membership of a growing community of family nurses, midwives, health visitors/public health nurses, and people interested in family nursing;
  • Opportunity to influence family nursing in the UK and Ireland through professional and/or lived experience;
  • Opportunity to participate in our work;
  • Opportunity to join project working groups and steering groups, as well as the Executive group;
  • Regular electronic correspondence with latest news, evidence, reports and other relevant materials from the world of family nursing;
  • Opportunity to participate in Continuing Professional Development (CPD);
  • Potential future member discounts for remote and face-to-face family nursing events across the UK and Ireland;
  • Opportunity to join the International Family Nursing Association (IFNA), with our Chapter helping to bridge towards potential membership of IFNA committees (e.g Family Nursing Education, Research, and Practice Committees) and being a Country Liaison.