Activities and achievements

Here are just some of the highlights of the IFNA – UK and Ireland Chapter since our formal launch in 2017:

  • We launched the first IFNA local chapter in 2017;
  • We formed an Executive Group consisting of a variety of distinguished individuals with a wealth of experience;
  • Several members of the Executive Group were elected to IFNA leadership positions, including Professor Swallow as IFNA President (2021-2023), Professor Lambert as IFNA Treasurer (2021-2023), Dr Somanadhan as IFNA Board Member (2021-2023), and Professor Neill as Co-Chair of the 16th International Family Nursing Conference (IFNC16) Planning Committee.
  • We established this website and a presence on Twitter and YouTube to help disseminate our message;
  • We evaluated nurses’ attitudes towards families in the UK and Ireland using a validated questionnaire (FINC-NA), the results of which were reported during the 14th International Family Nursing Conference and are currently being developed into a manuscript for publication;
  • We hosted a national roundtable event with national and international family nurse leaders, patients and the nursing press;
  • We published a systematic review of the evidence on family-focused care;
  • We elected members of the chapter to the global leadership team of IFNA: Veronica Swallow and Veronica Lambert as Directors, and Veronica Swallow as President-Elect;
  • Our chapter member, Alison Metcalfe, was elected as Director of the International Family Nursing Foundation (IFNF);
  • We hosted the 15th International Family Nursing Conference (IFNC15) in 2021, originally planned in Dublin, but due to COVID-19, was held as a virtual conference;
  • We are proactively growing the membership of the chapter.

Take a look at our research and development page for more details on our activities and achievements to date.

Grants awarded

Click here to find out more about our awarded grants and the details of the work we have undertaken. In summary, we have received the following financial grants to support our work:

  • White Rose University Consortium – £ 11,000
  • Burdett Trust for Nursing  – £ 9,800
  • Health Education England – £ 15,000