2023 Webinar Series

  • Monday 27 February 2023, 12.30pm – 2pm (UK/Ireland time): Mental Health Care for the Rare Disease Community, with Dr Suja Somandhan, Professor Alison Metcalfe, Professor Amy Jayne McKnight, Anne Lawlor, and Lora Ruth Wogu.

2022 Webinar Series

  • Monday 28 February 2022, 12.30pm – 2pm (UK/Ireland time): Re-shape, Re-form, Re-imagine a True Partnership With Families Living With Rare Diseases, with Dr Suja Somandhan, Anne Lawlor, Julie Power, Les Martin, Lora Ruth Wogu, Dr Marcia Van Riper, and Professor Alison Metcalfe.
  • Monday 23 May 2022, 12.30pm – 2pm (UK/Ireland time): Early Career Researcher Webinar 
  • Monday 05 September 2022, 1pm – 2pm (UK/Ireland time): Midwifery – the Family’s Perspective with Dr Denise O’Brien and Dr Kristen Abbott-Anderson
  • Monday 05 December 2022, 1pm – 2pm (UK/Ireland time): Transitioning from child to adult health services and the role of families with Professor Imelda Coyne and Dr Kim Mooney-Doyle. Access the webinar recording here; passcode: 3ht#61Mp

2021 Webinar Series