Family Matters Campaign for Huntington’s Disease

  May is Huntington’s Disease Awareness Month. This year the national organisations that support people impacted by Huntington’s disease across Ireland, England and Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, have joined together as the Huntington’s Disease Alliance UK and Ireland. Family members from each region are sharing their stories and contributions in the collective ‘Family Matters’ … Read more Family Matters Campaign for Huntington’s Disease

One year on

One year since the first national lockdown was announced across the UK, most of us will be spending time reflecting on what life has been like over the last year. Today will be emotional for many people and their families for a variety of reasons. Separation and loss of loved ones, being unable to see … Read more One year on

Celebrate WORD Day 2021

WOrld young Rheumatic Diseases Day (WORD Day) is an annual international awareness day that takes place on March 18th each year. The aim of WORD Day is to first raise awareness of all the different kinds of rheumatic diseases in children and young people, while informing children and young people, parents, healthcare professionals, teachers, and … Read more Celebrate WORD Day 2021

The vital importance of family nursing and midwifery in the UK and Ireland

Professor Veronica Swallow, Professor Alison Metcalfe and Professor Veronica Lambert, Chapter Co-leads, reposted from the Evidence-Based Nursing blog, published in March 2020

Nurses and midwives (nurses) play a major role in supporting people across the life-course. Within multi-disciplinary teams nurses support many patients/clients remotely, but patients/clients rely predominantly on family members for home-based support with self-management. Family nursing provides nursing care to the whole family and to individual family members with attention to relationships among members. When one person in a family has health support needs this can bring family role-changes that cause stress to the family unit, while individual family members may struggle to adapt to the altered circumstances.

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