Blog 5: Summary of Series and Call to Action to Raise Awareness by Debbie Omodele

As we conclude this blog series, let’s reflect on the key points covered throughout the previous blogs and unite in a call to action to raise awareness about sickle cell disease.

The series of four insightful blogs successfully raised awareness about the often-overlooked Sickle Cell Disease (SCD). These blogs covered important topics including genetic inheritance, sickle cell crises, compassionate care, and education, with the aim of closing the knowledge gap and fostering understanding among a diverse audience.

The blogs provided valuable information regarding the prevalence, impact, and challenges faced by individuals affected by SCD. To facilitate further exploration, readers were directed to accessible resources such as the Sickle Cell Society, a reputable organisation that offers support and advocacy for those affected by the disease. By sharing compelling descriptions and personal stories, the blogs emphasised the urgent need for prompt medical intervention, effective pain management, and preventive measures in addressing SCD. The hope was to spark empathy and understanding, encouraging the adoption of comprehensive care approaches across different cultures and communities.

In addition, the blogs underscored the importance of improved education surrounding SCD as a means to drive positive change. The overarching message of the series is that SCD is a significant health concern that affects individuals and families worldwide. By increasing awareness and understanding, we can combat misconceptions, reduce stigma, and work towards ensuring that those affected receive the care and support they deserve. I encourage everyone to join in raising awareness throughout the month of September, as it is recognised as Sickle Cell Awareness Month.

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Together, let us make a difference in the lives of those affected by SCD by spreading awareness, advocating for improved care, and promoting a more supportive and understanding society.

Here are some organisations that play vital roles in raising awareness, providing support, and advocating for individuals and families affected by SCD in UK, Ireland and Europe. Please visit their respective websites for more information on their initiatives, resources, and ways to get involved.

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