Webinar – Transitioning from Child to Adult Services

We invite you to attend our next IFNA – UK and Ireland Chapter webinar, titled “Transitioning from child to adult health services and the role of families.”

The free webinar will take place on Monday 5 December 2022, from 12.30pm until 2pm GMT, on Zoom. Click here to register!

The IFNA – UK and Ireland chapter second-year webinar seminars continue to focus on developing, promoting, and sustaining a discourse around approaches to family nursing education, practice, and research within healthcare settings. The webinars are open to everyone interested in family-focused care, skills, and training in healthcare settings with the aims to: 1) connect and promote networking opportunities; and 2) share learning and experiences of improvement.

The webinar will be presented by Professor Imelda Coyne and Dr Kim Mooney-Doyle.


  • 12.30-1240: Introduction with webinar organisers (Dr Suja Somanadhan and Dr James Turner)
  • 12.40- 1310: How to prepare youth for transition (Professor Imelda Coyne)
  • 13.10-13.40: Pediatric to adult health transition for adolescents with medical complexity: The role of family and social determinants of health: (Dr Kim Mooney-Doyle and Professor Imelda Coyne)
  • 13.40-1400: Questions and answers (moderated by Professor Veronica Swallow)


Professor Imelda Coyne

Imelda Coyne is a Professor in Children’s Nursing, and Co-director of the Trinity Research in Childhood Centre, Trinity College Dublin. She is a Fellow of Trinity College Dublin, Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing and a Fellow of the European Academy of Nursing Science. She is the Editor-in-Chief for the International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health (IJAHM). Her research focuses on child participation, child and family-centred care, shared decision-making, technological interventions for chronic illness management, and transition from child to adult healthcare services. Her research on transition practices has led to the creation of dedicated free eHealth resources to prepare youth for transition which has won awards for co-design and best hospital project for youth with chronic conditions and development of a national policy on transition. Professor Coyne has published a textbook which promotes participatory methodologies to research children and young people’s lives.

Dr Kim Mooney- Doyle

Kim Mooney-Doyle is an Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland School of Nursing in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. She is currently the co-chair for the IFNA Research Committee. Her research improves our understanding of family response to serious pediatric illness and the ways social determinants of health can impact this response, through qualitative, quantitative, mixed, and participatory action approaches.