Orla Hayes awarded IFNC15 Scholarship

Congratulations to one of our student chapter members, Orla Hayes, who has been awarded a conference scholarship by the International Family Nursing Foundation to support her attendance at the virtual 15th International Family Nursing Conference (IFNC15).

Orla is a third-year undergraduate nursing student studying children’s and general (integrated) nursing at Dublin City University, Ireland. Nursing has always appealed to Orla as it provides an opportunity to care for people of all ages across the lifespan. She is particularly passionate about children’s nursing and inspired by the concept of family-centered care, which stimulated her student membership to the IFNA – UK and Ireland Chapter and subsequently in IFNA. In the future, a combined clinical and research-focused career is something Orla envisages pursuing. As a stepping stone in this trajectory, she is currently applying for a summer research internship focused on child, youth, and family involvement in health research.